Chispum began his career in 2003 as a pioneer consolidating copyright vinyl brand proving that the ideas and stories can be told beyond paper.

They were the first to support that draw on the wall not only should no longer be prohibited ... but it was necessary to transform the squiggles of his sketches in authentic vinyl success and every day demonstrate their talents.

Authors such as Javier Mariscal, Pilar Alvarez, Eva Armisen, Inma Lorente, Javi Royo, Andreu Balius, Arnal Ballester, Carles Ballesteros, Aina Bestard, Brosmind, Vanessa Cabrera, Calpurnio, Helen Dardik, Lady Desidia up this great team Chispum.

Vinyls own life, designed to decorate your home, your office, your bedroom or that of your family and you feel agusto and fortunate is his ultimate goal.

Vinilo Chispum Medidor Casas
Vinyl Chispum Meter Houses new CHISPUM Mochilas, Maletas y Decoración Vinilos 40,00€

Decorative vinyl of an illustration of stacked houses, the size of this measuring vinyl is 40 x 145 cm.

Chispum Vinilo El Rey de la Casa CHISPUM Mobiliario Bebé y Niños Vinilos 22,00€

Vinilo Decorativo

Chispum Vinilo Cabecero The Princess
Chispum Vinilo Cabecero The Princess CHISPUM Mobiliario Bebé y Niños Vinilos 80,00€

Original Vinilo de Chispum para el cabecero de la habitación de tu niña con la ilustración " The Princess" Vinilo decorativo 110 x 140.