Nobodinoz, simplicity and elegance.

Nobodinoz has created her collection of accessories and nursery decor for both kids and their moms with a discreet vintage touch. The new collection ranges from backpacks for kids going through kits and reaching the decoration of the rooms of the smaller but very simply outstanding importance.

Nobodinoz, simplicity and elegance.

We started showing you the backpacks Kenia for kids, backpacks with prints of animals such as bear, fox or tiger, with its ears almost look real and soft touch because they are made from 100% cotton.

They are really very useful both to go to school, go for a walk carrying a snack or simply to decorate the rooms of your children.If you have another type of backpacks you can find the Backpacks Florence and Milan bags, besides being very practical and comfortable have some fun prints like cupcakes, stars, zig zags, etc..
These backpacks are designed for your children and even for you to carry every little thing in and not have to carry heavy bags and typical.Nobodinoz thought about your baby and gives you covers, changers, bibs and sleeping bags.

The kits verona can use them for anything you can take from handkerchiefs, and more.

The berlin changers are perfect to take them anywhere and have everything you need to change your baby.

Bibs made of laminated striped fabrics and prints, stars, zig zag .... which do you like more?, Have many models to choose from.

Sleeping bags are a very special garment Nobodinoz endowed rack and made very soft fabric, you can use from 3 to 9 months.

Thinking a bit in decorating the rooms of your children bring you tip Arizona and puff Marrakech.
Tip Arizona is an Indian store campaign where your kids will be able to play and play a lot, whom he would not like to have this store as a little one?
and finally we show the puff Marrakech, will be able to sit you to LRead a book, playing video games etc..
The puff is made of high quality cotton and give them a very nice touch to the room.
Nobodinoz, a different collection for you you're special!!!

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