Bobo Choses ss18 Neverending Summer New Collection

Bobo Choses presents the new collection ss18 Neverending Summer for this next Spring Summer, The collection is a very special tribute to a person who dedicated all his life to the care of animals and now we will talk about it. Filled with bright colors and original illustrations as each summer collection arrives to fascinate both the children and their mothers or dads.

Bobo Choses ss18 Neverending Summer New Collection

The theme of this collection of Bobo Choses ss18 Neverending Summer continues with the values that reinforce the brand that unites nature with children, a mixture that fits perfectly and that are the engine of this society in which we live but behind it There is still another story that is that of Jane Goodall.
Being small Jane Goodall gave him a stuffed chimpanzee named Jubilee from there forged a beautiful story where they changed the way of seeing and treating primates thanks to this little girl.

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I travel to Africa to learn all the behaviors of these living beings spending years and years of their life just focused on getting to understand each of their movements and emotions. I spend my whole life with them and defend them until the last minute of their lives, giving us a moral lesson and showing us that we are much more similar to them than we think.
That is why Bobo Choses dedicates this collection to this great person and maintaining all the aesthetics and personality of the brand.
Very soon you can see it in Hulahoop-Le Petit Shop but before we advance you some images of what you can see.
Hope you like them.


bobo choses ss18 neverending summer sweatshirt skirt

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