Bobo choses ss17 New Collection A Legend

Bobo Choses Spring - Summer 17 is already in Hulahoop-Le petit shop, discover the new collection and all its thematic where it is inspired. Original clothing for babies and children with retro and vintage style make up this collection that sounds really good for this summer. Do not miss this post where we tell you everything with hair and signs.

Bobo choses ss17 New Collection A Legend

We were already announcing it in the previous post, from Hulahoop-Le petit shop, and luckily for all the followers of one of our favorite brands, it's time to introduce them ... tachan ... the new Bobo Choses SS17 collection finally !

In the world there are special people who shine with their own light and stand out for their strength, their tenacity and their desire to fight to achieve their dreams. Well, it's time to pay homage to them and turn them into legend.

bobo choses ss17 new collection shirt and dress a legend hulahooplepetitshop

On this occasion Bobo Choses surprises us with the collection SS17 A LEGEND, inspired by six sports legends from around the world, and makes us go back in time with a retro style that has us totally in love.

Do you want to know their stories?


Fosbury, Gino, Nadia, John, Kimura and Mark are their names and have served as a source of inspiration to create their designs and dress our children with garments that have a vintage air and organic cotton fabrics for your total comfort, as Bobo Choses Always bet on products that respect the environment.

DICK FOSBURY, is a high jump ex-athlete who won the Olympic medal in the games of Mexico in 1968 and became famous for using a new technique for his jumps. At present all high jumpers use the Fosbury Flop.

GINO BARTALI was a renowned Italian cyclist and became famous because after his death it was discovered that during World War II he was carrying secret documents, helping to save the lives of hundreds of Jews.

NADIA COMANECI, was the first gymnast to get a score of ten points or also called "perfect qualification".

JON McENROE, is considered one of the best tennis players in history.

MASAHIKO KIMURA, was a Japanese judoka considered the greatest.

MARK SPITZ is a renowned American exponent with 7 gold medals behind him.

bobo choses ss17 new collection skirt and jacket a legend hulahooplepetitshop

And, now, here we leave you some of the images of the new collection, in them you can find the elephant cyclist, the stylish flamingo skater and a podium to make our little athletes aware that not always you can win, among others ... each One with different shapes and tissues.

bobo choses ss17 shirt and skirt new collection a legen hulahoop le petit shop

bobo choses ss17 new collection fashion a legend hulahooplepetitshop

bobo choses ss17 t-shirt and short new collection a legend shop online buy hulahooplepetitshop

We can play to make endless combinations between your sweatshirts, t-shirts, leggings, shorts, skirts and dresses among other garments.

Once again Bobo Choses has managed to surprise us with his new collection and we are sure that he has not left indifferent.

In Hulahoop-Le petit shop we are convinced that each of you are special, let our children shine with their own light and help them to achieve their dreams.

Already you can see the first delivery of the new collection of Bobo Choses ss17 to legend in our section Bobo Choses.


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